Friday, December 14, 2018

A life worth living

What if we had and lived our lives from the standpoint of being so grateful, fulfilled, satisfied, in joy, in Grace, anointed, inspired, aligned, and in love with the fact that we have life force energy embodied in our human body?! That we simply love and feel enriched by, and are grateful for EVERY MOMENT of Life Force energy that we have, embodied in the here and now?! Lord, help us choose to embrace, uplift, and support that life force energy without feeling that we need a point, a purpose, a relationship, a child, a more money, a dream come true, or any other circumstance/ condition in order to feel that absolute love for life being embodied here and now in us.
How would that feel today? How would that impact the rest of your life?

One thought like this can change the chemistry and pathways of your brain. Would you let it now?

What if existing in existence was enough to feel satisfied, filled with God's good for you, fulfilled, ignited, in love, and aligned?

 What if existing in existence on Earth was enough to feel satisfied, filled with God's good for you, fulfilled, ignited, in love, and aligned with God on Earth?

Let us welcome all of the Good God has for us individually in the greatest and highest way without holding on to it as it flows naturally in and out and back in and back out. Let us go without blocks or resistance to receiving it. Thank you God!

Let us feel that our lives are worth living without any need for specific definition or outcomes. Thank you God!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Let's Dance!!!

Trusting God is like doing ballroom dancing.

The Bachata and other simple ballroom dancing brings me so much joy and uncontrollable smiling. 

When you have a great leader, it is infinitely enjoyable to do the dance! 

So it goes with the dance of Life, in allowing the Greatest and Highest to be the leader. 

Submitting to flowing with the Will or steps of the lead can feel freeing and stress-free. In fact, with the amount of trust possible, it can even heal and feel euphoric! 

When we question, anticipate, or try to lead ourselves... Try to go where we think our lead is going before we are given the slight and gentle guidance, is when it gets choppy, difficult, and even painful. 

A successful dance is one that the leader gives cues in the present moment, such as a gentle push or pull on your hand/ shoulders/ waist; and you respond with your entire being so that all steps, twirls, and dips are made together. 

Trusting God takes the pressure off of you to need to know what is next, or to need to know what to do AT ALL. You just have to flow with those gentle cues in the moment.. 
"Sign up now."
"Go to church."
"Write her." 
"Thank him." 
"Tell your friend you're looking for a place to rent." 
"Call her and ask what is going on." 
"Don't go to that gas station." 
"Let it go." 

As long as you intend to know and hear the voice and guidance of Our God the Most High.. and you rebuke all Who would mislead you from His Will.. you are receiving this guidance. 

One reason I do sessions is to help create that discernment and remove the voices of ulterior motive and disception from people. Another reason I "tune" people with singing bowls as I praise, worship, and pray silently, is so they may be more attuned to the subtle and gentle guidance of The Lord and may listen and respond with faith, more and more. In affect, for a fun, enjoyable, passionate, and trusting life with God. 

The more you listen to the cues of God and build an automatic response through Trust, the easier everything will flow. 

May the voice of the Living God guide you and may you listen and respond effectively. 

May you know truly and 100% that you are well taken care of and everything is always working out for your good. :) 

God's Love Surrounds You,
Kristen Tenpenny 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Who stole your 401k, mortgage, and health?

This has been an ongoing plan for over 50 years.. and it's worked so far.

It's not so simple as boring Republican or Democratic. This entire system has failed us and every President in the last 50 or 60 years has contributed to the oppression and increased poverty of this country by being bought.
This is a very informative and well done film! Cool to see where the country started losing control..

Stealing from the poor to give to the rich, God prevails in the end.

*GMO foods and pesiticides/ (poisons in the food and water, despite it saying organic on the label - Obama signed a protective bill for Monsanto that no matter who they kill with their foods and seeds, they would not be punished),
*Oil and Fossil Fuels (the least efficient and most expensive way to energize.. the Bush's, Obama, and Trump all ensuring the access and control over oil drilling and although they promised energy efficient and green implementation- none have followed through and have kept the oil companies thriving while saying they are doing it for our safety),
*Banks (Bush took away Seagall bill which protected the money you all have in banks from being gambled and traded with by Wall Street who literally take your money, hide it, and pay themselves overseas in ways that cannot be regulated and there are no punishments or fines, also the people responsible for great depression and the stock market crash so people cannot afford their homes and all they invested in with their own wages for their retirement 401k has been stolen.. they're pushing to privatize social security as well so that you don't ever see any of that money either),
*Health care (pharmaceutical companies with a goal to have every man, woman,  and child on their products; nothing in their mission statement about  healing, and they write laws, it's ok for them to kill people without punishment,  and they write the school books.. the prices of health insurance,now required is sky rocketed and the services have plumeted as well as taking away free choice of what services you want.. you have to pay big money to be forced to take vaccines and pills they intend for you to depend on without a cure. There is a lot of money in death and cancer),
*Money- 40 people in this country own over 80% of its wealth.
(Bush, Clinton, and Trump have all given more exemptions and tax cuts for then and higher taxes for everyone else, with the media spinning and deceiving about the facts of how it actually plays out in the American People's lives)
*Media- These same people also own every media outlet in the country. There are only 6 companies which dwindled from free press of the 50s where reporters actually investigated and demanded the Truth and outed the scheming. What does that mean? They make sure you only see what they want you to see.
*Prison and free labor.. yeah prisoners are forced to make your cheap clothing and peel your garlic with their nasty dirty fingers whose nails have fallen off. Ever wonder why the evil people don't actually go to jail and others are in the system for miniscule and harmless things? Rapists get a month. Child molester rarely get caught. Human trafficking- the girls get arrested and punished if anything.

We have to do a major reform and be a part of it. I don't have a plan. But I think everyone needs to open their eyes and stop being fooled.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Heal my unbelief- Transformation

It's easier to believe, and therefore allow, the most miraculous things to happen for people, places, or things we are not too close or attached too.

Or if we are attached and close to a person or outcome, we have to hold it away from us in order to hold space for the positive for that person or thing. That's why when someone is depressed or going through hard times they don't want people to see them like that. So they won't view their current state as ongoing or permanent.. they want people to think of them in their best light.

Many people also do not want to be around someone they love when that person is in pain, naturally. Not because they don't care.. but because they do and it hurts too bad!
Another quantum physics explanation of this is, in order for us to keep the image and hope for someone or something we can't experience them out of it too much or we may lose our faith that it is possible for them to be in that positive place we and they want to be in... The more you experience something, the more of a synapses of repetition and permanence it creates in the brain to continue to define them that way.

When we hold space for someone or something, we are believing and having faith that something powerfully good is possible. This faith and space, is literally an energetic bridge making it possible.

If absolutely no one thinks it possible for Bob to get out of being lost in the woods.. even if the path out were 5 feet from Bob, it wouldn't be possible for Bob to see if find it.. because Bob and no one else believes it is possible. Our brains do not process or seeking  to find that which does not exist as possible for us.

When we pray for help, Christ can be the bridge that makes it possible.. but we, through Christ can also help making that bridge stinger and closer for people.

One is example is when my mom was in a bad space after her very beloved dog died at an early age because of a surgery gone wrong.. full of regret and many other sorrowful emotions, she was so far from her joyful silly fairy self!

Of course this hurt my heart, so I asked for advice. I was told to imagine her when she was happy or well! So I stayed away from her so I wasn't swept away by the realities of her pain, and I imagined her laughing, as often as I could, I kept bringing memories of her being silly and laughing. Within a couple of days there was a HUGE transformation.. she was back to herself! It was a miracle.

Over the years since then as an spiritual coach, I have learned to harness this for others as well as tapping into future desired and goals to make what has never been felt or done, possible! Wow.. amazing things!

Now, I am challenging myself and everyone else, here on this Earth with so much pain, harm, and brutality.. to face it with Christ's power. To allow ourselves to be close, to be in it, to react at the immediate hurt.. personal or global.. and have faith in n the positive change regardless of the reality right in front of you. This could transform so much for us!

Not to run and hide, or play it safe, but see the faces of evil hiding and lurking in media, in the words of your loved ones, in dreams, in actions of others.. but to see it and have a prayer of action.

It's close, it hurt, but with this hurt let the world be transformed as I see beyond the reality and into the potential!

May all of God's highest potential within us be reached and expressed with Love and without sinking into death or unnecessary isolation.

Let any harsh or painful realities transform in your name and remind us to call upon it: Yeshua the Christ of Nazareth! Even in the midst of it, even if we sense and experience it.. let it be transformed in our witnessing it, and knowing of your greater power.

Heal our unbelief and faith so that we may call upon you to make complete positive transformations and changes, even if we are up close and personal with the harsh, negative, or harmful reality we or others are facing.

May we experience transformation with The Force of God's good, loving, kind, Grace; feeling enjoyable, loving, exciting, interesting, sweet, delicious, blessed,  honest, pure, and without unnecessary pain, triggers, or wounds. Heal our wounds and woundedness Lord, so that we may exist in your Greatness, your everlasting Life, Light, and Love.

Give us your clear guidance and discernment, in a way we can easily distinguish​, when do we walk away and take a time out? When do we stay? How and what do we do, say, think, or feel to create the most positive impact, effective change and transition, into movement that is of Your Will? When do we compromise? When do we stand our ground? What is the right amount of anything or anyone for it to be of greatest  Wellness? Let us breathe your breath of Life fully, easily, automatically is the greatest Way.
 Help us to stay in integrity with your commandments. Lovingly and peacefully, yet strong, sure, and grounded in You.

Let us be fully satisfied and happy to exist for the mere reason of existing!

Thank you God!

Pure love of God surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Sunday, August 12, 2018

American Dream

It is a continuous choice to Surrender to the Divine/ Higher Power Greater than ourselves... or to depend on our own limited abilities, understanding, and resources.
You make think it is weak to give up the control of yourself, your family, your household, your security, and what you see fit as how to handle them.. to an unknown Essence. It feels scary and insecure, at first. But in time, you will see that The Greatest and Highest will always work out for you and do better for you and your life than you ever could've imagined.

Hind sight will show that you never truly have control of your life or any situation. Because if you had it your way and as you planned, things would've gone very different and you never would've done, seen, been through most of the things along your path. But since it did, when you allow yourself, you will see there is a beautiful and necessary gift from each thing Life has given to you, that you would not have chose for yourself.

The feeling of worthiness from choosing to buy yourself a car. The feeling of inner strength from having been single and dumped by the one you thought you'd marry. The understanding that All Is Well Unconditionally through seeing the evil plots that exist in this world. And so on.. Our well being goes far deeper than the comforts of the American Dream. And this wholeness of your being is what The One True Living God is looking out for and guiding you through.

My Home, is Gods'.
My Body, is Gods'.
My Life, is Gods'.
My family, is Gods'.

God provide. God has. God will.

Here is my pain, do Your Will with it.
Here is my discomfort, do Your Will with it.
Here is my sadness, do Your Will with it.
Here is my anger, do Your Will with it.
Here is my unforgiveness, do Your Will with it.

My message to you: Trust, and see what happens?? May you feel the overwhelming Love that is for you!

Love surround you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Why does God want praise?

**If genderizing the non gendered offends or puts you off to the depth of this message.. use words that speak to you. But the Lord's presence is what truly matters. Not a name that can never define.

The Lord doesn't need you to glorify and praise The Most High; You do.
Calling you to Him isn't an ego trip of- wanting credit where it is due. No.
Calling you to glorify and pray, comes from a compassion for you to bask in the Love, Grace, Forgiveness, Healing, and Ease that comes with realizing the genuine feeling of gratitude and praise!

See, without us, God is still everything. But without the living/ breathing energy of God, we are weak and dying. God calls us to call upon and rely on Him for everything, to involve Him and relate with Him, to invoke His Holy Spirit into every part of our lives, as a loving parent redirects a child in danger.

We are called, for our own sake! The Lord does not have the ego of a human nature, but reminds us that we have the ability to let go of our worldly  nature and bring forth His Holiness, So that we may feel Holy, Good, Loved, and Peace.

God's intention is to Love where it is welcomed. But just like rushing water wears down upon boulders , God will do to hardened hearts! Since we were made from His flowing waters, it is our nature to let Him in, or be worn down back into Him from which we came. Glorify the Most High! We are blessed, and when we feel and believe that, we allow the blessings to rush in!

John 12:28-30 New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

28 Father, bring glory to your name!”
Then a voice came from heaven. It said, “I have brought glory to my name. I will bring glory to it again.” 29 The crowd there heard the voice. Some said it was thunder. Others said an angel had spoken to Jesus.
30 Jesus said, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine.

Sing to the LORD! Praise the LORD! He rescues the oppressed from the power of evil people. (Jeremiah 20:13)

Let us praise God for his glorious grace, for the free gift he gave us in his dear Son! (Ephesians 1:5)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sharing a letter about receiving guidance from God

I wrote this letter as a reply to a client / student's questions about our session geared toward her purpose. It felt like I should share it:

You are a treasure! Remember that in each moment, your purpose is to be connected to the Divine and allowing that to express in the highest possible way in each moment even if it is new.. 

"Here I Am Lord." or "What now God." Are some of my mantras to make sure I stay present to God's Omnipresent and ever changing guidance..
I actually went to Unity classes and got over 25 credits in less than a year which is unheard of.. then suddenly just like that, there weren't any classes available to me and I knew that when before, God wanted me to be a unity minister, it had then changed or delayed.. I said, "what now god?" And I was told to study a new path of energy healing and focus on it.. although God probably never intended for me to be a Unity Minister, God told me what to do for the moment in order to get me to where I am meant to be as I unfold ans become more and more United with Him and His Will.. from where we are now, we may get extremely overwhelmed to know the whole plan, or the greatness God will draw out of us. God meets us where we are to bring us along our path and guides us in ways we can hear. It's incredible! Also, to make sure we are in constant communion and reliance upon God, we cannot know the full plan.. the reigns are notnours, and we are never meant to do One single thing alone, without God. So heed to the calls from the Lord and know that it will probably change from what you thought was your path, but God always knows best and guides you with Care. 

I have again moved away from that particular energy healing but had so much to gain from it, internally and personally that anything else may not have been able to reach me at that point. 

When you are praying to God, say something from your heart with the willingness and effect of being open and willing to connect directly with God to receive your answers and to feel safe in doing so. That you are willing to see God's will for you and see Who you are when you follow God's highest will for you. 

Love surrounds you, 
Kristen Tenpenny

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Choosing What You Are

Let Love and Truth lighten your load!

You've heard "you are what you eat" & it's obvious sometimes that "you are who you spend time with" but you are also what you wear and buy..
Everything that comes into our energys field / auras leaves an impression and changes our DNA -- for better or for worse.
It's important then to know the origins and intentions of what you are eating, who you are spending time with, and what you are wearing and buying.. inviting into your being to unify with! It may sound intense, but the metaphysicians have already documented this phenomenon explained far beyond his time by Einstein.
I invite you to bring Mindfulness and conscious awareness to as many daily actions and receptivity as possible. Choose Who you are.

This is why I only went with the best possible products made in America, by a Divinely gifyed and jnspired Designer, created with fairness and eco-friendly productions, vegetable based inks and high quality materials to represent my beloved Satya Prema Ethereal Arts and leave a lasting positive impact on as many people as possible.

The shop is up and actively supporting a healthy and loving lifestyle United with God.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Friday, March 16, 2018

Innocence with Cautious Wisdom through spirituality and exploration

It's good to be open!!
To what you choose to be open to.. And sometimes, many times, people are led astray into trusting those that glitter and say what they want to hear.

I've had a few incidents in my own spiritual journey and self discovery that I am grateful I was able to get out of as an example.. beyond psychic attack, curses, genetic pass downs, waywards, fallen angels, demons and so on which are clearly deviant and unwanted, and that can all be learned to prevent and transform as I have had much practice in doing.. some things are disguised as good to trick us into accepting..

This topic has been coming up a lot lately with my own personal visions, conversations with God, and in conversations with people I've interacted with on many levels.

Not all healers/ shamans/ guides/ angels/ fairies/ spiritual communications are of God/ the highest vibrarion, purity, and without ulterior motives..

Every time I have sat to receive a blessing or prayer from anyone, I connect with God directly myself and pray for it to be of God, blessed, and healthful without any harm or anything less than God allowed..

I didn't consciously know how important this was until I had a vision of an impairing implant I removed out of myself and had a vision of the damage it was causing and when it was implanted. I was at a psychic fair (which I don't usually go to anyways), many many years ago, and I went to a healer (that I wasn't drawn to anyways) BUT, she had a HUGE slab of selenite to lay on. I went to receive a session to be able to lay on her selenite table (selenite cleanses without ever needing to be cleansed)! The moment the implant was placed in my mind, she put her hands on my head and said something that made my open to her guides, "they said you are the heart star child." Sometimes they know what you are working on, wondering, or what your weaknesses are that would allow them to sneak in.

I was able to remove the web they implanted but it took me years to even be aware of it and the strange distance they were trying to cause between myself and my family.

All gifts that seem Godly intended, claimed, or exciting may not be of God either!

This beautiful woman from a health fest came up to me and congratulated me on the beautiful work I was doing.. she said her work was all about Source (so rare that I rarely allpw others to dp energy work or blessings on me, because of this knowing). I was so excited to hear she put "Source" first and thought she was truly genuine, and maybe in her mind she was! Then she and her husband gave me a copper pyramid to test out and use. She really encouraged me to use them with my singing bowls.

I thought it was so neat and divine.. it must be? So I brought it home. I noticed that every day went by, I never opened it or used it! She texted me daily to see how I felt about it.. I felt bad responding that I hadn't tried it yet.

Next, a good friend I respect as a healer contacted me about watching a live Oneness blessing given though a man's eyes.. I decided I'd try both out at the same time. Once I opened the pyramid and faced it True North as instructed I had negative feelings but continued with my exploration to meditate and heal.

Shortly after, my good healer friend asked what I thought of the oneness blessing man.. well the holy spirit has intervened for me so many times, including this one. The video froze and wouldn't play for me but I did see him and his eyes and knew he was not for me. I told her I didn't feel anything and sent a picture Of myself with my Amma blanket and under the pyramid. She immediately responded she didn't think I was supossed to use the pyramid. Something I forgot to even ask about!

It is so so so important to ask God for guidance about EVERYTHING that comes our way!

It was true that I was not supossed to use the pyramid.. (nor the man pictured)... Once I asked about the pyramid and got a flood of information. That there are many people being downloaded with information from malicious beings that were having them build pyramids to open portals of negativity. These people think they are connecting to Divine or good spirits just because they are getting clear messages and it feels energetic.. But that is not the case. Please connect directly to God and ask: "Is this pure? Is this of Love? Is this of God? What is the intention behind this?"

I closed the negative portal and reversed and took away the effects it did have for the moments it was open, and commanded that which would be intended for evil, be used for good by God! We have command over this dimension. So we can surrender anything we are aware of to transorm and change to be of Pure Love.

Also, be careful about who blesses and touches you.. always pray for guidance to be of God and the people who come to you be of God and their "blessings" and intentions be of God.

I met a powerful Chinese Medicine and Qigong practitioner who was finally able to confirm what was going on with my physical body and give a solution after many other misdiagnosis by other practitioners..
We spoke so much about our experiences and encounters that brought us to the here and now.

One thing that came up was that people from the Oneness Blessing were preaching a lot of great things but implanting a contract with a demon into its receivers! When he told me his experince and Truth I knew it was true but had a very different personal experince with the 2 encounters of Oneness blessing I'd had.. I was shown what made me unable to be entered by demonic forces was the fact that I prayed to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit the whole time of receiving!

I still remembered such a positive experience from a local monk who did the Oneness Blessing with his eyes gazing over the crowd through the church service I attended. His eyes were so holy, pure, full of the Holy Spirit and bright blue. With curiosity about him and how he could've left such a positive and loving lasting impression despite the associations, I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with a follow request from that exact monk! I only remembered his name by seeing it at that moment! Here was my chance to directly ask God if this man was of God.. I got a "no." I clicked his website to get a closer look and his eyes were pitch black and dark with a sinister energy. I couldn't believe it! But Jesus quickly entered my consciousness to explain that it was his eyes I had seen and felt blanket over me and the congregation that day! He protected us because we had gathered at the Unity church for oneness with HIM!

There are so many instances of having been loved and protected beyond my own knowing..

Yet, as I become aware of the infinite Universe and it's many beings of all paths I leave you with a reminder, always ask for The Highest Good to be in everything you think, see, feel, do, receive, experience, eat, or drink! And so it shall be! You don't have to see beyond the veils into the spiritual dimensions to be effected by them, but your power is truly in your own, taking it!

One of my best friends always quotes the bible: "Be innocent like a dove but as wise as a serpent."

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Miracles in time

I'll share A few instantaneously answered prayers of the week:

I pray that each of us have clarity and alignment on your desires to pray for and that you may experince the answers in and for The Highest Good in Divine Time :)

I went into my dark closet for a six-hour silent meditation on Saturday. It was invigorating, inspiring, purifying and exactly what I needed. I will share one funny cute story about it. In the beginning I asked God to feed me because I did not want to break for a lunch break. So I saw felt smelled and tasted an orange slice then after some amazing visions and clarity I've was given an avocado with a sprig of Dill was shown to me. Shortly after that vision my partner comes knocking on the closet door opens it and asks me if I want an orange slice. I held my hand out and I received (in silent amazement). Another hour later she showed up with smashed avocado and dill ;)

At the group sound healing last night (at the BEAUTIFUL Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Fl) some fun things happened. I prayed that nobody snore during the class since in the past it has Disturbed many. Then I noticed that my stick on the handle clang into the crystal bowl a couple of times and that would definitely keep people awake but it's not very enjoyable. So I clarified my prayer and I said God, please have nobody snore but without me making any mistakes and while it being pleasurable , healthful and memorably enjoyable. Nobody snored during the class at all and multiple people came up to me and specifically said it was so "enjoyable".

Also, while I was praying for cleansing of the heart chakras for everyone simultaneously playing the heart chakra Anciebt Tibetan Singing Bowl; There was a couple in front of me: the woman was laying down with her head toward the Bowls lying on her back and the man was sitting straight up facing me. After praying for anything blocking us from receiving love to be removed he visibly started stretching his shoulders and then he turned over and laid down on his back next to his girlfriend and held her hand and I started praying for generative love.

After class, all of the attendees came up to ask questions and see the bowls close up I told them that it was funny that many people were fidgeting while I was cleansing and amplifying the third eye and I explained that I pray while I'm playing for cleansing and then I pray to invoke beautiful things after the cleansing. They looked very curious so I said an example was during the third eye opening I prayed for them to be able to sense the Holy Spirit and their eyes lit up with excitement and they said: "I felt the Holy Spirit! :-) I opened up to and since to the Holy Spirit! Which I have also been praying to be able to do."

So fun I was inspired to share..

Helpful visualization to get in touch with your Soul's wants before praying specifics:

Tap into how you want to feel and feel it before you need anything to make you feel that way.. thinking about feeling peaceful, loved, respected, and with plenty of time for your needs to be met at work and at home. Keep yourself from thinking about how it's not, your past reality does not need to create your future reality but you must practice the discipline in creating your own feelings and vibrations first.


Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Re: shooting

Every moment with every one counts. Especially the disturbing ones..
Here I am Lord, and you are with me.

God, help us. Help us to be a part of the solution that we are able to be.
Help our children, our youth, us, all of us  to have choice over who they think they are and what they think they want, even of no one ever told them. Help them to feel who they really are even if no one ever validates or affirms them!

Thank you God.

The 4 year old boy I nanny told me a week after I began that he wanted to be a bad guy and shoot everybody and shoot me. (He would've never said that to God beloved parents.. And he said he wanted everyone gone except them, but I was there to hear it, and asked God what to do).

My partner is a nanny as well. The 5 year old boy she nannies is going to anger counseling because he wants to shoot people.
Does this sound like a theme?

Immediately after the little boy I care for said that, I paused and took a deep breath to connect to God for an answer. I said, "Is that really you? Do you really feel that way or is something telling you to think that?"
He didn't say anything, but he heard it and I felt the energies separate from him.
Then I said, "Would you choose to think like and be like the real you rather than what someone else is telling you to do if you have a choice? You can choose to be you." "Do i have permission to command you know your choice and who you really are and what you really want? Do I have permission to command that whatever is masking as you, be cast out?"
Again, he didn't say anything.. But he hasn't said anything like that since and he has been extra cuddly and kind. He has anger a lot less often than when I met him and when he does I tell him it's ok but never ok to hurt another because of the way he feels. He has a huge compassionate heart and kisses kitties gently. He can't imagine why I would eat a REAL fish! He gives hugs and kisses, the way 4 year old boys should! He is good, and he now knows he can make new choices not defined by even his past. He doesn't identify as a bad boy because he made mistakes at school and didn't get a green.

Let's listen to our children and stop the way of their innocence being implanted with the constant bombarding of violence and uncontrollable emotions. Even in innocent looking cartoons.

These occurances are not ok. God, give us the know how, guidance, and wisdom to prevent tragedies and disregard to life.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny