Sunday, August 12, 2018

American Dream

It is a continuous choice to Surrender to the Divine/ Higher Power Greater than ourselves... or to depend on our own limited abilities, understanding, and resources.
You make think it is weak to give up the control of yourself, your family, your household, your security, and what you see fit as how to handle them.. to an unknown Essence. It feels scary and insecure, at first. But in time, you will see that The Greatest and Highest will always work out for you and do better for you and your life than you ever could've imagined.

Hind sight will show that you never truly have control of your life or any situation. Because if you had it your way and as you planned, things would've gone very different and you never would've done, seen, been through most of the things along your path. But since it did, when you allow yourself, you will see there is a beautiful and necessary gift from each thing Life has given to you, that you would not have chose for yourself.

The feeling of worthiness from choosing to buy yourself a car. The feeling of inner strength from having been single and dumped by the one you thought you'd marry. The understanding that All Is Well Unconditionally through seeing the evil plots that exist in this world. And so on.. Our well being goes far deeper than the comforts of the American Dream. And this wholeness of your being is what The One True Living God is looking out for and guiding you through.

My Home, is Gods'.
My Body, is Gods'.
My Life, is Gods'.
My family, is Gods'.

God provide. God has. God will.

Here is my pain, do Your Will with it.
Here is my discomfort, do Your Will with it.
Here is my sadness, do Your Will with it.
Here is my anger, do Your Will with it.
Here is my unforgiveness, do Your Will with it.

My message to you: Trust, and see what happens?? May you feel the overwhelming Love that is for you!

Love surround you,
Kristen Tenpenny