Thursday, January 31, 2019

Singing Bowls Love

There is always a lot of interest in my bowls when people see and experience them.
They are a powerful gift from God. Hand-made by monks as they changed into them!

In the tiny snippets of a session that I share with you guys it shows the deep relaxation people are in while I'm playing the bowls. The bowls are a wonderful and my favorite tool that God has given me to work with but the major part of what I do does not require the bowls or for us to even be together physically!

I receive intuitive guidance from The Lord that says what can be released, when, and how... I am told what to say, do, or ask. Through any session that I do I am shown deep insight about what God would like to take away from a person and what God would like to download and give. These very specific, God-led conversations that need a person's permission to be invoke, are where the real healing happens! The bowls cannot release entities from your body, release you from harm done by churches, or give you God's definition of Joy and Your True Self as a feeling and a knowing! Only God can do that. He is all we really need.

I do phone Sessions which are very powerful. I can scan your entire body and God will show me what needs to be seen and done something about. These conversations that I have with God on your behalf are transformational and I hope you get to experience it as often as possible!

It's great to have a different vantage point and connection to God to see what you cannot see for yourself.

Here is a recent review from someone who received their first session from me and is a practitioner and has had many types of energy healing sessions before:

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny