Monday, November 20, 2017

new age healers cults brainwashing

In regards to healers and new age spiritual teachers, I can only speak for myself, my experience, and my intentions.

Healing is a personal journey.
When I was little I was sick allof the time. Asmtha, bronchitis, sprained ankles.. and so on.

So much that at age 6 or 7 years old, I told the doctor I had bronchitis when I walked into the office. One day, I thought to myself.. I'm not going to be sick anymore and I never did again.

Once I had decided, I was the healthiest I had ever been without any sickness for at least 6 years until I got a cold.

That is why in my spiritual guidance sessions I encourage realising choice and making up one's mine to what they actually want and to know that whatever benefit they are getting from their undesirable circumstance, can also be met in a more desirable way. Possibly even without illness or pain.

Jesus said in regard to his healings and teachings, go forth and heal! These things you shall do and even greater works!

He set the stage of possibility and direct connection to God.

So why do we have healers and spiritual teachers?

It isnt a one time quick fix take your miracle and life is perfect without conflict ever again, kind of thing. In fact we have to let go of all need for a specific outcome or cure and allowing God to take you to exactly where you need to be, and into faith.

We are all in this life together to express aspects of God as physical expression. We also need each other to survive.
 We are community/ pack oriented/ social beings that rely on each other to give us a new understanding of what is possible.

I do specifically intend to help people shift their consciousness, their thoughts,  and paradigms in order to enjoy life more fully and experience whatever they perceive they want. But my true and ultimate Goal in healing sessions is not a specific outcome of a specific miracle to rid anyone of anything, But to immerse myself and the other in the presence of God as strongly as possible, and from where we are, remove those blocks to that Holy and Divine, pure, yet indescribable essence and presence the True Source within us.. Which is a personal and individual expression.

I love my work so much because it is natural and feels right for me. I also get to witness the most beautiful inner workings and subtleties of Unconditional Love expressing itself uniquely for that person.

As a facilitator with the intention of bringing people back to their source, I have no desire to make anyone believe, do, or feel that which they do not want themselves. In fact, what I tap into is from their consciousness anyways!

I think what makes something the idea of a cult is that they do not want people to be an individual or have choice. They even impact force, dominance, and manipulation to keep people doing their will rather than the Will of the Divine within the individual (which looks different for everyone.)

I write this because I enjoy watching Abraham Hicks to put my energy into a positive mode of trust and faith that all is well and getting better all of the time.
I typed in the name on Google and saw some slander about how it is brainwashing and a cult and so is one of my other favorite teachers- Eckhart Tolle. I read every word with an open mind to allow myself to consider their truth and see if it were true for me. It wasn't and it felt the purpose and intention of spirituality, energy healing, and these teachers was misconstrued.

The purpose isn't to place blame or guilt for the tragedies that happen or even say that we can avoid or change the tragedies entirely but to surrender to them and feel faith in the good anyways. because if we don't believe something good is possible due to our circumstances we are completely of the world rather than in it... allowing the world to dictate us rather than our spiritual truth. Once we acknowledge there is a good/ God presence in all things it has the opportunity to arise. If the only goal is to remove or take away something, in that resistance and focus on the bad, you give it more power in existence and to take away your Peace.

But if you can have Peace even with the thing that you don't want, it can no longer hurt you. Isn't that the real goal?

Well, that's my perception anyways.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny
Proud to be an imperfect human integrated with the perfectly divine potential. Goodness Spiritual channel.
 Thank you God!

I want you to make me feel loved and secure

Anytime we think we need to get something from someone or something (money, pets, job) or place else like love, care, assurance, safety, protection, Faith, understanding, respect, they will never fulfill it for us. It is for us and our higher power within us to do. We will never fill their needs for them either because our will for someone or something else is not freedom. And it goes against the laws of the universe.

You may want someone else to make you feel better but they never will. Everything you are wanting has to come from within you. You have to want it, have it, and give it to yourself. Others will then reflect and amplify that but they cannot be the source of it.

May I command that we be able to understand, feel and be grounded in and rooted in our absolute highest truth and know what we need and want from ourselves at all times and that when we are confronted by external people places or things and they put their will for us on us and what they want from us we hold space with compassion love and boundaries that they can and will give themselves what they think they want and need from us. Without losing sight of what we are moving toward for our own lives in our own expression of our highest consciousness.

Also that any people places or things that hinder our ability to give ourselves what we want and need to be removed out of our lives with Grace, ease and quickness without pain, remorse or guilt. But that we welcome people, places and things that enhance and amplify the beauty that we want and give ourselves such as dependability, stability, Assurance, creativity, highest Vision, inspiration, faith, wisdom, understanding, peace, order, love, care, compassion, cleanliness, respect and that our surroundings in the people with us Amplified strength in that and reflect that for us but we know that we are the original source of that we want in and for our lives.

Money is not the Cure or the solution or the source. But instead it is a symptom of alignment with knowing who we are what we want and commanding it from ourselves and perceiving and receiving it from our environment as well. Any Consciousness that is within us that is unable, or unwilling, to perceive be do feel experience this all on all levels of consciousness Be uncreated and destroyed in you now.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny