Thursday, February 15, 2018

Re: shooting

Every moment with every one counts. Especially the disturbing ones..
Here I am Lord, and you are with me.

God, help us. Help us to be a part of the solution that we are able to be.
Help our children, our youth, us, all of us  to have choice over who they think they are and what they think they want, even of no one ever told them. Help them to feel who they really are even if no one ever validates or affirms them!

Thank you God.

The 4 year old boy I nanny told me a week after I began that he wanted to be a bad guy and shoot everybody and shoot me. (He would've never said that to God beloved parents.. And he said he wanted everyone gone except them, but I was there to hear it, and asked God what to do).

My partner is a nanny as well. The 5 year old boy she nannies is going to anger counseling because he wants to shoot people.
Does this sound like a theme?

Immediately after the little boy I care for said that, I paused and took a deep breath to connect to God for an answer. I said, "Is that really you? Do you really feel that way or is something telling you to think that?"
He didn't say anything, but he heard it and I felt the energies separate from him.
Then I said, "Would you choose to think like and be like the real you rather than what someone else is telling you to do if you have a choice? You can choose to be you." "Do i have permission to command you know your choice and who you really are and what you really want? Do I have permission to command that whatever is masking as you, be cast out?"
Again, he didn't say anything.. But he hasn't said anything like that since and he has been extra cuddly and kind. He has anger a lot less often than when I met him and when he does I tell him it's ok but never ok to hurt another because of the way he feels. He has a huge compassionate heart and kisses kitties gently. He can't imagine why I would eat a REAL fish! He gives hugs and kisses, the way 4 year old boys should! He is good, and he now knows he can make new choices not defined by even his past. He doesn't identify as a bad boy because he made mistakes at school and didn't get a green.

Let's listen to our children and stop the way of their innocence being implanted with the constant bombarding of violence and uncontrollable emotions. Even in innocent looking cartoons.

These occurances are not ok. God, give us the know how, guidance, and wisdom to prevent tragedies and disregard to life.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny