Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Right ain't right without limits

  • *warning, it is not meant to be completely  comprehensible and is ok if this is over your head.. for the deepest clearings, that is desirable! 

What if you didn't try to have an answer to any of these questions and just kept reading through them?

Can you ever be right about something that's better than now?

Does expansion and ascension mean that there is opportunity for better in every moment and unable to be grasped into one form?

Can you ever be right about what is beyond your current control?

Can you ever really control what you want other than by limiting yourself from having it?

Do you enjoy not having what you want because then it means you were right?

Can you ever be right about the unknown?

Would you rather be right or have the most phenomenal joyful life possible?

And if the most joyful and phenomenal life possible is not happening in your current reality does that mean your phenomenal life of everything you love and desire is in the unknown.. not your current place of perceiving and receiving?

The most joyful and phenomenal life possible is answering all of your prayers and desires which is Beyond what you are currently knowing?

So can you really ever be right about having a phenomenal and joyful life and what that is for you?

Or are you only right if you say you can't have it and limit yourself to the not having?

Can you ever really be right about the answers to your prayers?

Will all of the TRUE answers to your prayers and questions come from you or the Divine?

Will the Divine be able to reach you whenever you are sure that you know so therefore have no reason to be open to new possibilities and answers?

Will the Divine be able to reach you when you have arms wide open and a mind clear of judgment and perception of how it should or will be?

So, shall we let go of any need or desire to ever be right again?

And allow the Divine/ The All That Is to answer our prayers and questions FOR us?

All this brings up for you are you willing to uncreate and destroy times a Godzillion?
Right, wrong, good, bad, POD, POC, All 9's, SHORTS, BOYS, and BEYONDS!
And so it is! It is done. Thank you God!

One of my best friends always told me that she gets so much benefit out of healing when I use my hands.. 

Did you know you could feel my hands on your head, holding space for the synapses in your brain to discharge limiting, lying, contracting thoughts, feelings, and emotions? Allowing you to clear unwanted trauma and perspectives. 

How does this affect you? Well the worst case scenario it feels like you had a great massage, best case scenario, your whole life changes! 

It is possible to feel and experience the touch of my hands even through a phone session. Wow, we are so connected! 

What would it take for you to allow yourself to be more yourself without defining yourself as a limited version of you? 

Would it be a contribution for you to allow me to  facilitate this whether it be on the phone or in person? 
Contact me to get your BARS run!
Let's raise consciousness 1 session at a time